Go green or go home may sound harsch but we believe that we don't have any other options. It all begins with what we as individuals and organisations can do, and It is our firm belief that the innovation environments in Sweden, the Science Parks in our cities could be arenas for accelerating the transformation into a more sustainable society. We and our community – the companies of Linköping are continuously working to accept the challenges of tomorrow and embrace new ways of thinking.

On a mission from the Swedish Energy Authority

In order for Sweden to achieve its climate goals, more energy-efficient innovations are needed that help us save energy and, above all, more people need to switch to more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. Since 2018, Linköping Science Park, along with other innovation environments, have worked together on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency to increase the commercialization of energy innovations to help them reach the market.

In 2018, the Swedish Energy Agency started a pilot initiative where, with the help of innovation environments around Sweden, they wanted to increase the number of energy innovations that are commercialized. The pilot was the first of its kind and from Östergötland four environments joined forces: Linköping Science Park, Norrköping Science Park, Cleantech Östergötland and LEAD together to work with these goals regionally and act as a mediator between local companies and the Swedish Energy Agency.

The mission was renewed in 2021 and Linköping Science Park, Cleantech Östergötland and LEAD continues to work together.


Equal and sustainable investments

Today, women own only 4% of Swedish companies and, in addition, the distribution of risk capital is extremely unevenly distributed between the sexes. We want to increase the opportunities for an equal society and build a more sustainable development that is not only based on economic success but on social and green principles.

We organize programs for women who wants to invest sustainably. The participants learn about evaluation of owners and management in investments, risk assessments and various forms of investment. They also learn to assess the sustainability of companies.

Are you interested in joining the next program, keep a look out among our events or contact Project Manager Elise Karlborg.

This program is made possible by Linköping Science Park, Linköpings Kommun, Lead, Energimyndigheten, Cleantech Östergötland, Norrköpings Kommun, Östsvenska Handelskammaren and Swedbank through Sparbanksstiftelsen Alfa.

Cleantech Östergötland- together we solve society's environmental challenges!

Cleantech Östergötland is a politically independent network where people from business, the public and academia come together to solve the environmental challenges of our society. Together, we cultivate successful relationships that develop into sustainable businesses through knowledge and environmental technology.

Cleantech Östergötland is taking on a leading role in creating collaborations for everyone who wants to solve environmental challenges. The starting point for the work is in accordance with Agenda 2030 and a number of the global goals.

Pitch & Match

Pitch & Match, a series of events where selected environmental technology companies have been able to pitch their solutions to actors in need of solutions in different sectors. For example the construction and real estate sector, which accounts for a significant part of Sweden’s total climate impact.

“The goal has been to find matches between need owners and environmental technology companies, which it has done in several cases! In other cases, need owners and pitching companies have chosen to make a joint application to the Swedish Energy Agency to verify the solution.” – Johan Rydberg, CEO of Cleantech Östergötland.

Visit Cleantech Östergötland here!

Sustainability for Scaleups

One part of our sustainability work is within the program Swedish Scaleups with Scaleups, smaller companies that are in growing phase. We see that environmental, economical and social sustainability incorporated in the business model is essential to be successful and attract investors, customers and new talent!

For example we give the participating companies:

  • Increased knowledge of how your products reduced Co2 emissions contributes to increased growth.
  • A growth plan with a clear connection to Co2 – impact.
  • Increased knowledge of relevant Investors.
  • Increased knowledge of the Swedish Energy Agency’s offer.

Sustainability from the start!

Linköpings business incubator LEAD is a driving force in creating a more sustainable tomorrow when they choose to support innovative ideas and new companies!

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneurs in Residence is the program that builds the leaders of tomorrow and an enabler for  ideas that can change the world! The participants get to work with real cases, coached by experienced business coaches and gather tools to become a sharp company builder.

Ignite- Matchmaking between startups & large companies

Ignite’s purpose and goal is to increase the commercialization of research and innovations by matching them with clear needs and customers. LEADs ways of working have been proven successful at several hundred startups and large companies. There is also a clear integration with the global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030. For example Ignite work clearly to identify how established companies work with the global sustainability goals when we carry out needs analyzes to be able to match them with startups that have solutions within the goals.

Green Travel Plan

The Green Travel Plan for Mjärdevi, is a site-specific report containing a package of measures tailored to the transport needs of the development aimed at increasing travel choices and reducing reliance on the private car.

With this initiative supported by the property owners and employers in the park executed by the municipality,  we take action to reduce our climate impact and adjust to a low CO₂ future. The initiative is part of the municipality of Linkoping’s ambitious goal of reaching carbon dioxide neutrality by the year 2025. One-third of CO2 emissions are from traffic. To achieve CO₂neutrality, we need the involvement of the local business community. Therefore, the municipality of Linkoping funded the development of a green travel plan for Science Park Mjärdevi in 2017. An travel survey was distributed and a action plan was developed in collaboration of  property owners, employers and other stakeholders within the park.

Keep reading about the project here!

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We believe that there are mountains of ideas and initiatives within sustainability out there, please contact us about them!

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