IMA One is the first building in the Cavok District, a physical node for the Innovative Materials Arena network. Here, companies that work with advanced materials in one way or another gather with the ambition to share resources and ideas. The site has a strategic location, primarily for aerospace-related organizations, but also for companies in need of a creative environment with access to research, test labs, synergies and collaboration opportunities. Here is the proximity to the airport, aviation and space-oriented companies and clusters, motorway, train connections and nearby port in Norrköping. Two hours away is Stockholm.

IMA- Innovative Materials Arena

IMA is an innovation cluster in Cavok District that ensures growth and sustainability through our extensive collaboration between research, businesses and public sector, with background in materials science and production engineering. Join our network to support the learning, development and production of new innovative materials!

We do it by:

  • Connecting research and industry
  • Sharing equipment, knowledge and skills
  • Stimulating curiosity
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Ima share

IMA Share

IMA works to build a collaboration network where material players from the different target groups gather to exchange experiences, cross fertilize and generally increase collaboration. One of the tools for collaboration is this platform for sharing equipment and skills. The development of the platform was developed with support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The platform is operational since January 2020.

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