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IndX is an open innovation arena on the lookout for startups interested in presenting their solutions and technology to our corporate partners Husqvarna Group, Saab, Toyota Material Handling, and Väderstad, striving for collaboration. We believe that fast-moving startups are a key to industrial corporations’ journey towards digitalization and industry 4.0.


  1. Connect: Get reviewed and be selected to pitch for our four world-leading manufacturing companies within Industry 4.0.   
  2. Join the IndX ecosystem: Let us lead the way for you to connect with the right decision-makers and take the hassle out of trying to navigate a large organization, while also tapping into the network of IndX.  
  3. Collaboration: Jump straight into operations and start working on your solution hands-on together with one or more of the corporate partners.
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What we look for

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How to apply

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Apply for IndX 2024 to meet partners’ sustainability needs; product longevity, biodiversity, energy efficiency, and zero emissions solutions.

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What we look for

There is a new business landscape on the rise. We, as companies that want to stay ahead of competition, need to move fast. Building new partnerships and competitive ecosystems is crucial to us. Come and join us in an open innovation process targeting three focus areas.

Also, keeping up with the changing business of moving into the autonomous age as well as integrating connectivity and AI into our operations. Business models are about to fundamentally change as we move faster towards servitisation – and we need to keep track of changing behaviors when it comes to our customers – but also to consumers, citizens, employees and students. To stay in the forefront, we need to be more innovative, integrate sustainability as part of our business models and keep pace with the digital acceleration.

Now we are looking to expand the ecosystem around smart industry globally, but acting from the region of East Sweden. We look to connect with startups from all over the world, who are pioneers of digital technology and new sustainable business models.

Our main focus areas


We believe that innovative technologies are the key to combating climate change. One thing is clear: Business as usual is not an option. It is critical to act now to protect the climate while meeting the growing energy demand.  The energy transition is a big change and challenge with much potential. We are looking to partner with impact companies, leveraging green and sustainable solutions to help us accelerate this transformation through the entire value chain. We need to produce more while using less, eliminate waste and optimize energy usage toward a circular economy.

We are looking for companies within:

  • Energy usage, smart grids and smart energy management
  • Smart materials, reusable/recyclable materials. Reduce the  use of virgin materials, hazardous substances and chemicals.
  • Charging solutions/smart material/storage of electrical energy.
  • Reduction of water usage
  • Transition to sustainable energy system
  • Health and safety solutions
  • Reduction of Co2 emissions
  • Increase of reuse/recycling, minimization of waste


Autonomous machines and systems will not only be more efficient, but also keep humans safe from dangerous situations. Acting alone, in groups or in collaboration with humans, machines will perform tasks, learn new things and make their own decisions while the human role evolves from low level control to high level interaction. We are looking for solutions related to perception, data processing, reasoning and decision making. Autonomy for us is also solutions that enable faster product development.


  • Smart low-cost sensors and solutions for object detection and recognition.
  • Human machine interaction and high level control
  • Simulation technology for training of AI to optimize machine performance for different conditions, predict future situations and perform what-if-analysis. Visualization through AR/VR within mission management.
  • Development tools and methods for AI and Machine Learning
  • Management and analysis of large data sets.
  • Navigation, positioning and traffic management indoor, air, land or underwater.


Digital development will continue to fundamentally shape the new business landscape. We foresee an increasingly seamless integration of physical and digital elements including augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).  Already, we offer remote services and systems as well as digitized processes for production and service. Future connected and collaborating autonomous systems require our communication routes to stay smart and connected and at the same time safe, secure, robust and easy to monitor.

We have access to broad knowledge, but are looking for solutions with a competitive edge within:

  • Cyber security and compliance to regulations
  • Self organizing networks
  • Low-cost guiding systems
  • Software defined communication systems and networks
  • 5G Technology

The IndX Process - this is how it works!

IndX is a startup arena that brings together innovative companies from all over the world with the four industrial giants of East Sweden. The goal is to facilitate at least four collaborations every year, were one or more partner work together with an IndX startup.


  • It is very easy to apply, you simply fill out this form (you can also find it below). Before you start, make sure you filled out this presentation, since you will need to add it to the form later. Prepare yourself by reading the the questions of the form here!
  • The application stays open throughout the year, so you can apply whenever it is suitable for you. You only need to apply once, we save your application in our Startup Bank (read more about that below).
  • The new applications are reviewed every month by a group of experts from the corporate partners.

Pitch Days

  • During 2024 we will host five IndX days: March, April, May, September and November.
  • When the applications are reviewed the expert group will select interesting companies to move forward with, these companies will get an invitation to an upcoming IndX Day.
  • It will be possible to participate both physically and digitally. So don’t hesitate to apply, even you are located across the world from us.

PoC’s – Proof of Concept Projects

If the partners wishes to proceed the cooperation with a startup after they’ve seen the pitch, the partners will invite the startup to a follow up meeting and/or workshop.

Who can take part?

Any startup or small company with a dedicated team and innovations within the partners’ interest area. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

If you have applied before we already have your details from your last application. Therefore you don’t have to apply again, unless you want to update your info. The expert group will review applications from previous years as well.

If you are not selected? –  The IndX Startup Bank

Sometimes the timing simply isn’t right, therefore we save all applications in the IndX Startup Bank.

In the application form you can choose if we can keep your application or not, you can also ask to be removed at any time. To do so, please contact Robin Eriksson.

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