IndX Autonomy and Robotics day at Husqvarna Group offered interesting pitches from startup companies and inspiring discussions between our corporate partners and startups.

Keynote speaker Olov Andersson, assistant professor at KTH, started the day by speaking about the DARPA SubT Challenge, a program focused on developing technical solutions for underground operations. The challenge involved testing robots to explore and map difficult and dangerous terrains in caves.

The first pitching startup of the day was Autonomous Knight, which works with multispectral cameras and sensors. They aim to remove humans from dangerous situations and environments, such as mining, using autonomous systems. The next company on stage was Repli5 which is creating virtual environments and synthetic data in both 2D and 3D. The last company was Safe Reaction, developing microphones capable of detecting various sound events. This technology can be used to enhance public safety and as an aid in criminal investigations. In addition to these startups, Energy Robotics, which develops data-collecting robots, Tripleye, which builds and deploys autonomous systems and Sensrad, which works with radar sensors, also participated.

After the pitches, the startup companies and entrepreneurs in the audience engaged in speed dating sessions to learn more about each other, and connect with different departments at each corporate company. The day concluded with an interesting visit to the Husqvarna museum and factory, learning about over 300 years of history.

Next IndX Day will focus on Green tech and Sustainability – make sure to apply before the 2nd of May to get a chance to be reviewed!