The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices and objects equipped with, for example, sensors, electronics and software that have the ability to communicate with each other. This makes it possible for these objects to collect and exchange data, and act on the basis of their own and other existing data. IoT has become a concept in many sectors, but it is still unclear what effects the new digital generation will have.

IoT World- A community for IoT in East Sweden

IoT world is a regional community that focuses on making society more efficient with the help of IoT. The network consists of committed project partners from research, business and public activities. The goal of the community is to gather expertise, experience and knowledge in an open network to continue building the regional area of ​​strength. Curious about our members? Take a look.

Our goals are to:

  • Accelerate the use of IoT solutions.
  • Create sustainable growth with increased employment and strengthened competitiveness for digital companies.
  • Contribute to sustainable digitalization of the public sector and regional business.
  • Develop efforts in the area of strength smart, secure, connected products and systems.

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How can we help you?

IoT World is a platform where companies, the public, and academia can meet and create development projects together. Our offer:


A place where our members can meet and share experiences, find new partners and help each other.


Processes for innovative and transformative projects.

Workshops & Events

Gatherings for ideation, prototyping and sharing results.

Project Support

Support during the application process, Project Managing and Technical Expertise.


A shared IoT lab where members can try ideas and build prototypes.


Open events, newsletters and social media channels that will market your projects and share the results with the world.

Learn more about us

Let Cluster Manager Ulrika Johansson guide you through IoT World and what internet of things really mean, and how we can collaborate with your organization.

Welcome to our IoT lab!

The IoT World Lab is located at Ebbepark on RISE’s premises. The lab is open to members and to students who wants to perform tests or borrow equipment.

The lab is equipped with:
- Laser Cutting Machine
- RFID- equipment
- NFC- equipment
- Soldering Station
- General Electronics

If you have questions about the lab please contact Tomas Westlund.

Some of our projects within IoT World!

We gather actors from business, academia, and the public sector to realize IoT projects for a better world.

Material Supply in the Public Sector

The corona pandemic shed light on the challenge of material supply that has previously been a fact in healthcare. There is currently no comprehensive overview of how much material is available at the various operations and at what speed they are consumed, which can lead to both material shortages and surpluses. The Östergötland Region is now joining forces with RISE- Research Institutes of Sweden, IoT World, Kinda Municipality and Linköping Municipality to investigate solutions to the issue.

“The project is about finding technical solutions but also new routines. Among other things, we will pinpoint what it looks like when the actual extraction of materials is made and how to make inventories. We want as much as possible to be automated and the goal is for it to be as simple as possible for the end users, the care staff. They should hardly notice the changes that are being introduced.”

– Project Manager Claes Otterborg, Östergötland Region.

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Digital guidance for the visually impaired

The project’s starting point is to create a digital solution that accompanies the visually impaired in the dynamic public transport. The solution should not require new physical installations, expensive equipment on vehicles or new aids. The solution integrates system solutions that apply digital twins of vehicles, open data that is shared in real time and machine learning with the mobile’s sensor system. The results can be viewed in the video below. The project has received funding for a continued development, this is ongoing.

Partners in this project are: Gaia, LiU, RISE, VTI and Östgötatrafiken.

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Test bed for Safety-creating Technologies

The project will give public needs owners, research actors and companies the opportunity to test new digital solutions in a complex public environment for increased perceived security. The tests should contribute to sharing experiences and create learning about solution maturity and interoperability, organizational conditions and individual learning with the aim of spreading and scaling working solutions in other environments.

The project is commissioned by Linköping municipality.

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How to become a member

IoT World is driven by our members and we value your opinions and listen to your wishes and priorities. Signing up as a member is free of charge and very easy.


As a partner you are in need of new solutions and believe IoT can help you. You have a strong voice in the community as you are the ones financing the projects.

As a partner you will:

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  • Support in Project Applications
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We want our members to be engaged and get a lot of value from investing their time in IoT World. Therefore- you are extremely important to us!

As a member you will:

  • Be invited to networking sessions for members and partners
  • Be invited to quarterly workshops to initiate new projects
  • Invitations to the yearly Strategy Day
  • Contribute with an offer to other members, such as a workshop
  • We share your news and events, regarding IoT, in our communication channels
  • Can take part in our Special Interest Groups who guides the initiatives of IoT World
  • Support in Project Applications
  • Access to the IoT World Lab
  • The IoT World newsletter
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If you don’t want to be a member you can still take part of some of IoT Worlds offer.

If you are curious you can take part of IoT World via:

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Meet our members!

We are very proud of our members, a group that keeps on growing! We have representation from both academia and research, small and large businesses as well as the public sector.

Meet our members here!


Ulrika Johansson

Tomas Westlund

Technical Coordinator and Lab Manager
070 965 24 28

Elise Karlborg

Project Manager “Vägledning av IoT för framtidens materialförsörjning inom offentlig sektor”
0702-23 52 92

Joakim Falkäng

Project Manager “Test bed for Safety-creating Technologies”

0763 928270

Daniel Kullgard

Martin Holmberg

Julia Bergman

Beatrice Magnusson

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IoT World (Managed by Linköping Science Park) received in recognition of continuous improvements according to the methodology of the “European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).

Eu regionala utvecklingsfonden

IoT World is financed by:

The European Union Development Fund and Region Östergötland. 

Region Östergötland logga

Smart specialization

IoT World is part of Smart, secure and robust connected products and systems, one of five regional strength areas in the East Sweden Region. The coordinator for the strength area is Linköping Science Park.

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Smart specialization is a strategic investment to highlight and prioritize strong areas in a region to strengthen competitiveness. Through smart specialization, the East Sweden Region works to promote growth, innovation and research in five designated areas of strength.