As a member you will:

  • Be invited to networking sessions for members and partners where we share experiences and co-create innovations.
  • Be invited to workshops to initiate new projects.
  • Get support in initiating and running innovation projects.
  • Receive invitations to the yearly Strategy Day
  • Have the possibility to take part in our Special Interest Groups that guide the initiatives of IoT World.
  • Have access to the IoT World Lab where you can perform tests and borrow equipment.
  • Receive the IoT World newsletter.
  • Contribute to the community with an offer to the other members, such as an event, workshop or expert advice.
  • Get to share your news and events in our communication channels.

Membership is only open to companies and organisations. If you have a personal interest in following IoT World you may follow us on LinkedIn and in our newsletter. You may also participate in open events that are advertised through these channels and here on our website.

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We want our members to be engaged and get a lot of value from investing their time in IoT World. Therefore, you are extremely important to us!

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