Who we are

East Sweden Tech Women is a network for women and non-binary professionals and students in the technology sector in East Sweden. The purpose of the network is to arrange and partake in events to develop the participant’s professional identity, skills, and meet others who are interested in the same thing as you.

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Our vision

We aim to spark inspiration and engage in conversations that cover a wide range of topics within tech – from soft values that inspire, to cutting-edge innovations and technologies.We want this network to be representative of people from all backgrounds – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation*

*Our definition of sexual orientation includes everyone, embracing individuals of diverse identities, whether they identify as cis, trans, queer, non-binary, intergender, gender fluid or genderqueer. We welcome everyone who feels like they belong to our target group: women and non-binary individuals. No matter how you identify, we invite you to join us and be a part of our community.

What you can expect

The network works primarily through meetings with different organizations that get the chance to show and teach their technologies. Our goal is to create a community where like-minded individuals can come together and share their passions while radiating positivity. We are committed to promoting sisterhood and bridging the gender gap in the tech industry specifically in East Sweden.

Connecting individuals

East Sweden Tech Women work as a gateway to the innovation ecosystem, providing access to a network of engaged individuals who are eager to connect and collaborate. Linköping Science Park has valuable connections within the business life as well as the public and private sectors, and academia. Together, we can unlock new possibilities and drive creative thinking forward.




Invisible participation - a book about the silenced voices in entrepreneurship

What comes to mind when you consider the intersection of entrepreneurship and equality? Are you envisioning a greater presence of non-male entrepreneurs, increased representation of women in leadership roles, or the development of more products and services tailored for female users?

The book Invisible Participation discusses the intersection of two government mandates – promoting entrepreneurship and gender equality. It expands the understanding of what gender equality entails in the context of entrepreneurship and business. It also amplifies new voices and perspectives to facilitate discussions on how to utilize this newfound knowledge.

The book is based on the research of Matilda Eriksson, written by Joakim Hedström and produced by Linköping Science Park.

Photo: Christine Engström

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