The region surrounding the twin citys Linköping-Norrköping is Europe's most attractive innovation environment for visualization and image analysis.

Visual Sweden- A part of Linköping Science Park Digital Innovation Hub

Visual Sweden is an initiative based in East Sweden, focused on promoting innovation and regional growth in the field of visualization and image analysis. No other region can compete with the numbers of actors in visualization and image analysis that is found here. The majority are companies that develop new solutions in the area.

Central actors are the Östergötland Region, Linköping Municipality, Norrköping Municipality, Linköping University, a number of government institutions and agencies such as SMHI, NFC and FOI, as well as around 70 small, medium-sized and large companies.

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Visual Sweden is an initiative based in Östergötland, Sweden, oriented at promoting innovation and regional growth within the visualization and image analysis fields. Central actors are Region Östergötland, Linköpings Municipality, Norrköpings Municipality, Linköping University, several governmental institutions such as SMHI, NFC and FOI, as well as around 50 smaller, mid-sized and larger companies.


Finding the right technology for your needs.


Find the right partners for your new project.

Actors for Testing

Find actors who are interested in that test your new technologies in their organizations.

Technical & physical environments

We offer the following:

Medical Digital Twin, Platform for Augumented Intelligence, Intelligent N-dimensional modeling by multidimensional sensor informatics for computer vision and visualization.


Visual Sweden is constantly organizing new events linked to our areas, you usually don’t have to be a member to participate. See upcoming events here!

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Who can become a member in Visual Sweden?

Large corporations, SME:s, public sector as well as universities and institutes that are active in the field of image analysis and simulation within Industry, Public sector or Health care.

It is free of charge to be a member.

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Research & Projects within Visual Sweden

Intelligent n-dimensional modeling by multidimensional sensor informatics for computer vision and visualization

3D modeling technologies have been successfully demonstrated in several Visual Sweden projects and are used to an increasing extent in various applications. 3D models are developed from camera data, laser radar, thermal imaging but also ground penetrating radar. An example of using 3D models from National Forensic Center (NFC) is a high resolution 3D model of Drottninggatan in Stockholm, as shown in Figure 1, which was used in the investigation and trial of the terrorist attack in April 2017. The model of Drottninggatan is based on laser radar (lidar). The model is textured (colored) based on standard photographs and shows the appearance of the environment in visible light. Another technique that can be used is to create 3D models based on a large number of photographs taken from ground or air (photogrammetry).


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Visual Lift

During the corona pandemic, many companies and industries have been hit hard by reduced orders and non-delivery, we want to contribute with flexible and innovative solutions through the Visual LIFT project.

With the latest visualization technology, we will help companies to demonstrate and communicate about, for example, products, production systems and delivery security.

The Visual LIFT project is aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the industrial sector in Eastern Central Sweden. The base is Norrköping and Visualization Center C, where a special lab is now being built to give companies the opportunity to test the technologies. In addition, there are four nodes with mini-lab; Curt Nicolingymnasiet in Finspång, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC) in Eskilstuna, Alfred Nobel Science Park in Örebro and Automation Region in Västerås.

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Medical Digital Twin (MeDigiT)

The platform’s goal is to facilitate the use of individual-specific digital models in healthcare for better diagnostics, more individualized treatment of illness, and simplified and improved training of healthcare professionals.

Research at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) in modeling, simulation and visualization of, among other things, cardiac function is among the leaders in the world. The platform will support the utilization of research and the profiling of visualization and image analysis technology in healthcare and companies. The platform will, from an international perspective, be unique in utilizing the concept of a medical digital twin.


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Smart Specialization

Visual Sweden is part of the Östergötland Region’s strategy for smart specialization, where visualization and simulation is among the prioritized areas. Keep reading here!

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Visual Sweden is run as a center formation at Linköping University. Actors such as the municipalities, Region Östergötland, companies, state authorities and institutes are linked to the center through cooperation agreements.

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Smart Specialization

Visual Sweden is part of Visualization and Image Analysis, one of five regional strength areas in the East Sweden Region. The coordinator for the strength area is Norrköping Science Park.

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Smart specialization is a strategic investment to highlight and prioritize strong areas in a region to strengthen competitiveness. Through smart specialization, the East Sweden Region works to promote growth, innovation and research in five designated areas of strength.