Our international startup arena IndX is taking a bold turn this year by adding even more opportunities for the innovative startups of the globe. Learn about the new process here!

IndX is a startup arena that brings together innovative companies from all over the world with the four industrial giants of East Sweden. The goal is to start at least four Proof of Concept-projects every year, were one or more partner work together with an IndX startup. Our partners are Väderstad, Siemens Energy, Toyota Material Handling Europe and Saab.

– We welcome any startup or small innovative company with a dedicated team and solutions that will fit our partners, says Project Manager Inger Stern.

Apply today!

  • It is very easy to apply, you simply fill out this form.
  • The application stays open throughout the year, so you can apply whenever it is suitable for you. You only need to apply once, we save your application in our Startup Bank.
  • The applications are reviewed every month by a group of experts from the partner companies.

Four Pitch Days

  • During 2022 we will host four Pitch Days, in April, June, September and December.
  • When the applications are reviewed the expert group will select interesting companies to move forward with, these companies will get an invitation to the next Pitch Day.
  • It will be possible to participate both physically and digitally. So don’t hesitate to apply, even you are located across the world from us.

PoC’s – Proof of Concept Projects

If the partners wishes to proceed the cooperation with a startup after they’ve seen the pitch, the partners will invite the startup to a follow up meeting and/or workshop.

Read more and apply here!