Linköping Science Park AB is owned by Linköping City. The Board consists of representatives from the city’s political leadership, corporates connected to the park and Linköping University.

Members of the board:

  • Denise Cassel KD, chairperson (KD)
  • Mari Hultgren, vice chairperson (S)
  • Elias Aguirre (S)
  • Fredrik Lundén (M)
  • Anders Selbing (L)
  • Maria Swartz, Linköping University
  • Ann-Cristin Adolfsson, Saab Aeronautics
  • Lars Svensson, NAI Svefa
  • Johan Lönn, Ericsson
The Board of Linköpinf Science Park. Seven people standing in a row in a staircase.

The Linköping Science Park board.

Student Board

The Student Board consists of students and PhD students from Linköping University. The Board does not have a formal power but works with board documents and discussions in the same way as the regular board. The aim is to gain a broader perspective on the company’s operations and to develop the company’s plans.

  • Ashfar Salam Unni
  • Alexander Flaig
  • Emma Melin
  • Alva Nilsson
  • Bram van Dongen
  • Bijona Troqe
  • Hela Galvis
  • Tilda Rubin Berthilsson
  • Philip Abrahamsson
  • Jacob Larsson