What is Cyberly?

As our world becomes more connected we see an increased need to ensure cyber security to protect our data and digital information. Sweden is already a very digital country, it gives us great opportunities as well as great challengers. As a digital nation we are exposed to more risk but we also have the competence to protect ourselves. But there is a need for greater knowledge and awareness about cyber security. Therefore, we created Cyberly, to help make it all more visible.

Cyberly explained

Here, cluster leader Magnus Lundqvist explains what Cyberly is and what this network can do for you.

Cyber security training linköping

Educating for a greater awareness

Linköping Science Park has, along with partners, created two educational programs since the autumn of 2020. The first one for SME:s and the second one for the agricultural sector.

The training programs consisted of five meetups with lecturers such as Säpo, Conny Ljungkvist from Link22 and Leif Nixon from Sectra. Each meetup had a separat theme: Awareness, Risks, Data Management, Rules & Regulations and Organisation.

Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of cyber security training.

Agtech2030 Säker digitalisering för lantbruket

Creating Secure Digitalization in Agriculture

In the digital world we live in today, we are constantly living under the pressure from the risks of cyberattacks. We are daily given news about cyberattacks against our industries and our technology. The threat against our agriculture is no different. In fact agriculture is considered as extra vital from a national security point of view. Therefore Linköping University and Linköping Science Park together are launching a new initiative within secure digitalization in agriculture. 

Agtech 2030 is an initiative which focuses on tomorrow’s agriculture with focus on AI, IoT and sensors. The initiative’s purpose is to make Sweden world leading in specific agriculture tech areas. We have met with the management team led by Per Frankelius, Associate professor (docent) at Linköping University. They shared some insights about digitalization in agriculture and its importance, but also the risks that come along with it. Keep reading the article here!

Learn from our Cyber Security experts!

Reports on Cyber Security

Säker digitalisering i besöksnäringen

The survey examines the need for and the attitude towards digitization and digital security of small to medium-sized companies in the hospitality industry. 32 companies with operations in Östergötland have been interviewed to get a picture of the need for increased competence around IT security. In addition, six suppliers of IT systems and solutions to companies in the hospitality industry have been interviewed to broaden the situational picture with more perspectives on risks, routines and the view of digital security.

Download report here

”Cybersäkerhet – en kartläggning av Sveriges nuläge 2020 och framtidsutsikter för branchen”

Linköping Science Park has together with Security Link, LiU, KTH, Chalmers and FOI conducted a study on the current situation of Cyber Security in Sweden. The focus of the study has been to map existing companies within the Cyber Security-area, predictions on the market growth, the access to competence and mapping future research areas. The study was funded by Tillväxtverket.

Download report here

Säker digitalisering för lantbruket

Unlike many other sectors, agriculture engages in socially critical activities – not only because it produces food but also because it produces energy such as biodiesel and ethanol. Today, digital technology is everywhere in agriculture. It already controls milking robots, tractors, field machines, feed systems and ventilation systems, etc. It is important for Sweden to ensure the robustness of these systems. This means, among other things, that the industry already has to inventory, identify and prepare for different types of plan B in the event of cyber attacks or other disruptions. What happens if the feed computer is hijacked? What to do if the milking robot’s computer is exposed to a virus attack? The recent cyber attack on Coop is an example of what can happen.

Download report here

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Magnus Lundqvist, Projektledare



Region Östergötland logga

Smart Specialization

Cyber Security is part of Smart, secure and robust connected products and systems, one of five regional strength areas in the East Sweden Region. The coordinator for the strength area is Linköping Science Park.

Read more about Smart, secure and robust connected products and systems here!

Smart specialization is a strategic investment to highlight and prioritize strong areas in a region to strengthen competitiveness. Through smart specialization, the East Sweden Region works to promote growth, innovation and research in five designated areas of strength.


Our work within Cyberly is founded by Tillväxtverket.