Ahead, together. Community building in Linköping Science park

Where do you belong? Do you want to create a context for your particular interest? Maybe it’s programming, how tech can be used to develop the world, or perhaps it´s running. Linköping Science park gives you the tools to create your Community. We can support you with a venue, communication, and education. You focus on the issues that engage you and the people in your Community. Contact us for more information and guidance!

East Sweden Tech Women

East Sweden Tech Women is a network for women and non-binary professionals and students in the technology sector in East Sweden. The purpose of the network is to arrange and partake in events to develop the participant’s professional identity, skills, and meet others who are interested in the same thing as you.

Read more about East Sweden Tech Women here.

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Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is a collaboration between Linköping Science Park and Ericsson, Combitech, Sectra, SICK, and Nira Dynamics, some of the leading companies in the park. Tech Tuesday is organized once a month; the arranging company presents an inspiring technology, innovation, or application. A great way to stay up to date on both advanced technological development and what happens at the companies in the park. Curious about previous subjects?


Linköping Science Park event

The Lunch Club

The Lunch Club is a meeting place for university, business, and society that keeps you updated on what happens in research at Linköping University. There is world-class research in our region, and through the Lunch Club, you get a unique insight into what research will mean for humanity and our activities in the future. You will also be able to connect with new contacts and have a tasty lunch.
The lunch club is a joint venture between Linköping Science Park, Linköping University, and Region Östergötland.
bright east

Bright East

Bright East is aimed at the next generation’s decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. A network with qualified content such as lectures, seminars and more. Bright East is a joint venture between Linköping Science Park, East Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Lundbergs and Skill.
Networking at Linköping Science Park

HR- Network

To meet the challenges in, for example, talent attraction HR managers in Linköping Science Park meet four times a year and get inspiration and exchange knowledge and experience.

Community – how to build a win-win collective

From events for teenagers to government initiatives and collaborations involving some of Sweden’s largest companies. They all use the same tools to give people a greater sense of meaning and things to rally around – communities.
This book from Linköping Science park explains what makes communities strong and how to create a win-win collective. It’s a book for anyone wishing to understand more about tomorrow’s leadership and about building attractive places and organizations.
Download the book here:
If you want a printed copy please order the book from Linköping Science Park. The cost is SEK 199 each, excluding VAT. The money goes in full to finance next summer’s Code Summer Camp – The science park’s initiative to learn children how to code.
Order the book here!
IoT World strategi och inspirationsdag, Linköping Science Park. Networking.

Brand Boot Camp

Brand Boot Camp is Linköping Science Parks network and a series of lectures aimed at those working with marketing and communication. We gather interesting speakers from the region and all over Sweden. The lectures are free and open to everyone working in the field. The audience is usually a nice mix of beginners and seasoned professionals from exciting product companies and the region’s sharp agencies.

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