Community is everything! One of the critical factors for Linköping Science Park is the big exchange between companies, the university, and society. People and ideas that are linked create new opportunities for development and business. There is a wide range of networks and communities to participate in, with different focus and content. We promise you that this is were you will find your people!

Student Linköping Science Park, reversed mentorship program

East Sweden Tech Girls

East Sweden Tech Girls is a network for people who identify themselves as women and are professionals or students in the technology sector in East Sweden. The purpose of the network is to develop the participants’ professional identity, skills and networking, and to inspire primary and lower secondary school students to start studying tech topics. The network is facilitated by Linköping Science Park and operated by tech-girls from East Sweden.
The network works primarily through meetings with different companies, who get the chance to show and teach their technologies. The feeling is relaxed, personal, and straightforward. We eat some pizza slices, drink straight from the jar, and chat about the news from the latest Google I/O or something interesting we’ve seen at Github.
All the information will be on this Facebook page.
Lecture at Linköping Science Park, TechTuesday


Tech Tuesday is a collaboration between Linköping Science Park and Ericsson, Combitech, Sectra, SICK, and Nira Dynamics, some of the leading companies in the park. TechTuesday is organized once a month; the arranging company presents an inspiring technology, innovation, or application. A great way to stay up to date on both advanced technological development and what happens at the companies in the park. Curious about previous subjects?

Have a look at earlier presentations here!

Linköping Science Park event

The Lunch Club

The Lunch Club is a meeting place for university, business, and society that keeps you updated on what happens in research at Linköping University. There is world-class research in our region, and through the Lunch Club, you get a unique insight into what research will mean for humanity and our activities in the future. You will also be able to connect with new contacts and have a tasty lunch.
The lunch club is a joint venture between Linköping Science Park, Linköping University, and Region Östergötland.
Break, community for mums and dads on parental leave, Linköping Science Park


Break is a network of parents who want to keep up to date on what’s happening in the region. The network organizes recurring events around the region. The meetings consist of interesting seminars and lectures and are designed in such a way that it is possible to bring small children.
Bright East, community for young professionals in Linköping Science Park

Bright East

Bright East is turning to the next generation’s decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. A qualified content with lectures, seminars and more. Bright East is a joint venture between Linköping Science Park, East Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Lundbergs and Skill.
Event at Linköping Science Park

Ebbe Talks

Ebbe Talks is an open meeting place with a series of events where we discuss topics with inspiration from Ebbepark’s value words; Share, Dare, and Care. The events are organized by Ebbepark in collaboration with Linköping Science Park.

Read more about current hits on Ebbepark’s web site.

Networking at Linköping Science Park

HR- Network

To meet the challenges in, for example, talent attraction HR managers in Linköping Science Park meet four times a year and get inspiration and exchange knowledge and experience.

Do you want to join the network? Contact Anna Broeders.

Does the network of your dreams not exist? - Create it!

Where do you belong? Do you want to create a context for your particular interest? Maybe it’s programming, how tech can be used to develop the world, or perhaps it´s running.

Linköping Science park gives you the tools to create your Community. We can support you with a venue, communication, and education. You focus on the issues that engage you and the people in your Community.

Community as a Service

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