40 years of new innovations and entrepreneurship

In 2024, Linköping Science Park celebrates 40 years of new innovations and entrepreneurship. Now we are collecting the stories of everyone who was part of creating history – and contributed to taking Linköping into the future.

A anniversary book about our innovative history

During our anniversary year, we will publish a book about our innovative history, and we have already started to collect important events and collect them in our timeline. We continue the work of updating our innovation alphabet (what innovations are you missing?)

Share your memory

Share your memory, your story, and correct details in our timeline, or send a funny picture. We want to know everything!

Give us what you got by sending an email to com@linkopingsciencepark.se.

Maila oss

Some part of our history

Teknikringen 1

Teknikringen 1. The first house built in Mjärdevi.

Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago, the idea of everyone connecting was a vision of the future. The companies in Linköping Science Park have been part of the historic paradigm shift by developing systems for connected products, algorithms for more efficient graphics and visualization, built and developing mobile phones and connected television devices, among many other things.

Stories and articles