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IndX Energy, Green tech and Sustainability day

  • 31 May, 00:00
  • TBA


Last day to apply is the 2nd of May.


As IndX, we are a collective of forward-thinking companies united by a common goal: to lead the way in sustainable innovation across various industries. Our dedication lies in harnessing advancements to enhance product longevity, protect biodiversity as well as utilizing data for energy efficiency and Zero emission targets, catering to sectors such as agriculture, material handling, outdoor products, and safety. 

Through this multi-industry lens, we are looking to inspire and incorporate sustainable innovations, welcoming collaborations that challenge the status quo and drive us towards a greener future.

What IndX corporates are looking for in sustainability:

Saab: Refining, Recycling, Zero emissions

The ultimate goal of this is to reach net Zero emissions. This could be to reduce Scope 1 and 2 Co2 emissions, to measure and reduce the supply chain emissions, reduce water withdrawal or identify waste prevention. We are interested in your technology that can assist us in an economically sustainable approach to our environmental sustainability goals.

Saab uses high-performance composites in our Aerial, Naval and Land products. One of the challenges that Saab is facing is how to recover or recycle production cut off or waste, parts produced or replaced during the product lifetime or end-of-life parts. Saab seeks an environmental and economical sustainable solution with an as high refinement as possible for composites with the end target to reach full or high degree of circular economical recycling.

Väderstad: Efficiency and Environmental Improvements

At Väderstad, sustainability is the core of our mission. We craft machines designed to endure for decades, producing crops for food in a more sustainable way. By utilizing cutting edge technology we have revolutionized the industry with our products, one example is the Tempo planter that delivers higher quality planting at double the speed of our competitors.

Our commitment also extends beyond our products to enhancing our internal processes for smarter, more sustainable operations.

We’re now seeking startups that bring innovative, eco-friendly solutions from crop to the table. 

Toyota Material Handling: Where excellence, innovation, and sustainability converge in the world of logistics

(Renewable) energy is a scarce resource:  It is crucial for our customers to keep their operations running with minimum energy cost & usage. Toyota Material Handling is interested in innovative concepts around Energy Management and Energy Security

While 90% of what we sell are electric products, we understand the pivotal role of battery technology in powering our electric products. We aim to develop new products with reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency. The services and solutions we bring on the market must be in line with our climate ambitions, so there is a strong focus on sustainability and circularity. This is especially true for our Lithium batteries: how to take advantage of all benefits from cradle to cradle.

We and our partners have lots of data and our customers have lots of needs to improve safety, sustainability, productivity and costs. We use a lot of the data available to support our customers operation. But there’s undoubtedly more to unlock of which we are not aware. Challenge us and help us in our race towards Net Zero.

Husqvarna Group: Biodiversity and sustainable living

At Husqvarna Group, we’re focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and fostering biodiversity. Our products are designed with the environment in mind, aimed at enhancing the natural world. 

We’re actively seeking innovative solutions that support biodiversity and sustainable living – if you are working on innovations that support this, we’d love to hear more in the pursuit of collaborating to drive this forward.

If you’re working on eco-friendly innovations, especially those that contribute to a greener planet, we’d love to collaborate and drive positive change together.