The IndX Sustainability Day in Väderstad highlighted the latest sustainability advancements and innovations from startups. The day gathered industry leaders and entrepreneurs to explore solutions for industry 4.0.

Johan von Mecklenburg, Senior Vice President Research & Development, and Elin Iseskog, Director Sustainability, both at Väderstad, opened the day, showing Väderstad’s advanced tillage equipment, high-precision drills, and innovative planters, emphasizing their role in promoting sustainable farming practices. Elin detailed Väderstad’s sustainability priorities: People, Planet, Product, and Profit. 

“Our commitment is to create superior products while benefiting the environment and society,” she emphasized.

Robin Eriksson, Program Manager IndX, introduced us to the agenda and Lena Miranda, CEO, Linköping Science Park discussed IndX’s history and development since the start, emphasizing the notable increase in female participation on this IndX day. She highlighted that promoting gender diversity is a key focus for Linköping Science Park across all their projects and clusters.


Nina Pettersson on global challenges and solutions

Chief Agronomist at Väderstad Nina Pettersson addressed global challenges like climate change and population growth, informing about sustainable production and increased biodiversity. She stressed the importance of attracting skilled individuals to the farming industry. Pettersson introduced carbon farming, explaining how photosynthesis captures carbon dioxide, enhancing soil health. 

“Plants are like solar panels, charging the soil,” she said.

An international lineup of startups presenting

Five companies applying were invited to pitch and connect with the corporate partners Husqvarna Group, Toyota Material Handling, Saab, and Väderstad. 

  • First out was Francesco Zanin from Elementag, Italy, presenting their nano marker technology for traceability and authentication in materials, and using XRF as a detector.  

  • Redigo Carbon with Magdalena Stelmach from Poland, showcased their AI-powered platform for measuring carbon footprints that can be integrated into existing systems. 

Folke Bosund, Ensotech

  • Folke Bosund from Ensotech, by using power grids, can manage electricity costs, consumptions, and contracts through their platform. 

Julia Haglind, Northouse

  • Northouse, presented a platform that can support managing documents and regulations. Presented by Julia Haglind.

Viktoria Kindesjö and Viet-Anh Pitaval, Elain

  • Viet-Anh Pitaval and Viktoria Kindesjö from Elain had a solution for tracking greenhouse gas emissions on the logistics market. 

A coffee break gave an opportunity for participants to network and discuss the presentations, followed by “speed dating” sessions, lunch, and an outdoor tour – providing the “real Östgötaslätten-experience” as we got to learn more about Väderstad’s machines and products out on the fields. 


Next up:

IndX Smart manufacturing – apply before the 18th of August!