Hear Robin Eriksson from IndX together with partner and startup representatives talk about their experience of participating and why you should not hesitate to apply.

One out of the many benefits of the innovation arena, IndX, is the potential startup and partner collaboration possibilities. Wearhealth participated on an IndX day back in 2022, catching the eye of several corporates with their health and safety wearable. 

After Wearhealth’s initial presentation, Husqvarna Group soon joined IndX, picking up the interest with a digital pitch where Väderstad listened in as well. This led to a mutual interest in exploring Wearhealth’s technology together.

Wearhealth’s solution focuses on increasing health and safety on the shop floor with a wearable that collects data in real time about bad postures or unsafe movements. This is to train the workers to execute their tasks more safely and healthily. The wearable collects valuable insights that make it possible for Health and Safety Managers to implement proactive actions to improve the workstations for a safer and healthier work process.

This was something both partners Väderstad and Husqvarna Group got interested in and invited CEO Esteban Bayro-Kaiser, Wearhealth, to a workshop to plan the pilot test of their product at Husqvarna Group.

“The benefits of participating in IndX is that they can help startup companies or small companies like us to execute our projects way faster with large corporations. Usually, it takes a lot of time to find the right people within those companies. Setting up projects takes a lot of time, but with them (Husqvarna Group & Väderstad), we quickly made it possible to start a pilot project,” says Esteban.

What is most interesting to explore?

Husqvarna Group was interested in Wearhealth’s technology and how it can be applied in their organization, as it was a bit hard to find the most beneficial area to apply and test it on, which is something Project Manager Claes Hogander at Husqvarna Group highlights.

Åsa Eklöv, Health and Safety Specialist at Väderstad agrees with Claes. Väderstad is interested to see how Wearhealth’s product can be applied in their organization and she is positive to joint efforts like these.

“I think the benefits of collaborating is that we can see each other’s workplaces and learn from each other. Wearhealth can learn a lot from these types of industries. Between partner companies like Väderstad and Husqvarna, we establish great contact with each other and expand each other’s network,” she says.

By applying and connecting with IndX, startups can unlock considerable engagement from corporate partners Saab, Husqvarna Group, Väderstad AB, and Toyota Material Handling Europe. This collaboration is one such example where Wearhealth reaches the right people who can make the decisions and identify where in their organization this solution is needed.


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