IndX recently hosted a half day meetup bringing together key stakeholders from our corporate partners’ sustainability function. This gathering was an excellent opportunity for corporate partners to discuss current initiatives and explore future directions in sustainability.

As sustainability increasingly becomes a focal point within these organizations, IndX is accordingly raising its ambitions. This meetup marks the first of many initiatives in the direction of greater collaboration and innovation. Our third call for startups in the sustainability space is currently open, leading up to a selection meeting with our competence team, which will lead to startups selected for  the IndX Sustainability Day 2024 at Väderstad.

Elin Iseskog, Head of Sustainability at Väderstad, detailed their strategic shift from a traditional approach, with the slogan “Give it all you’ve got”, meaning  to put in a lot of effort or to work very hard at something so it lasts, for example; focus on efficient material use. Calle Medin, VP of Sustainability at Husqvarna Group, shared their significant achievement of halving carbon emissions since 2015, with a target of reaching net zero by 2030. He also introduced the term “Sustainovate”, their initiative to invest in 50 sustainable innovations.

Representatives from Saab, Malin Sundqvist, Göran Bengtsson, and Martin Helmfrid, highlighted the integration of sustainability in their products and its crucial role in supporting sustainable societies. From Toyota Material Handling, Camilla Åkerman and Signe Svorén discussed their goal to introduce at least one completely fossil-free product by 2030, emphasizing the transition to green steel.

Following the presentations, a workshop led by Kalle Eldebo, IndX Sustainability Competence Team Leader, and Robin Eriksson, IndX Program Manager, focused on identifying available startups and solutions that align with our partners’ current interests.

The discussions proved to be exceptionally productive, leaving each partner corporation with fresh inspiration to enhance their sustainability efforts further.

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