In the autumn of 2020, T&S Engineering Intelligence participated in the first edition of IndX, resulting in a collaboration with Väderstad and Siemens Energy (former IndX partner). Four years later, the plan is to expand their AI review system to further departments.

Together with Siemens Energy in 2020, the parties evaluated whether T&S Engineering Intelligence’s AI-based drawing review system could be valuable for the Research and Development department. Since then, the system has been implemented along Siemens Energy’s organization and is now used by over 40 engineers in the Turbine department at Siemens Energy. Onwards, another department is set to assess whether the solution can assist their development processes too.

The Turbine department at Siemens Energy produces numerous advanced CAD drawings, requiring multiple decisions. With the help of T&S Engineering Intelligence’s AI review system, over 30 attributes and design choices are automatically checked. The process involves engineers sharing a drawing with the system, generating a review report within 1-8 minutes.

Axel Skyttner, CEO at T&S Engineering Intelligence is very pleased with the long-standing collaboration with both Väderstad and Siemens Energy and is happy that the system is expanding to more departments.

“Thanks to our participation in the IndX process, the collaboration was initiated smoothly, and the best possible conditions were provided for a successful implementation,” says Axel.

“Siemens Energy is pleased with the extended collaboration with T&S Engineering Intelligence, which began in 2020 through the IndX partnership. The AI-based drawing review system is currently being tested with positive results, and feedback, from the designers. The smooth collaboration and the successful implementation demonstrate the value of our partnership with T&S Engineering Intelligence,” concludes Andreas Egedal, R&D Manager Turbine design at Siemens Energy.