With their AI-safety platform, PixForce has teamed up with Saab through an IndX project. This collaboration involves using PixForce’s visual inspection tool to assist Saab in identifying objects in videos captured by air drones.

The collaboration between Saab and PixForce is a unique opportunity to combine Saab’s engagement in Brazil and involvement in IndX. Through PixForce’s application and pitch, Saab found an interest in the technology, solution, and competence of PixForce.

“PixForce has an interesting technology and capability to work with image processing, categorizing, and training a model to detect specific objects. This capability is interesting for several applications and applied to data gathered in different demonstration operations,” says Martin Helmfrid, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Saab.

PixForce’s technology is based on extracting anomalies with AI and is used for quality inspection when using drones and cameras. Their Pix Safety Platform can for example connect with the client’s cameras and detect missing personal protective equipment. The technology is used as a visual inspection tool with images and video.

“We’ve received the dataset and now we’re creating a neural network that can identify and classify the objects needed by Saab,” says Vinicius Aquino, Executive Sales Manager at PixForce.

Taking on the international market

Connecting with Saab marked an important milestone in PixForce’s own business journey as a scaleup, as their goal is to take on the international market, this project being the first one outside Brazil’s borders.

“It’s great to be a part of IndX and the innovation hub that IndX is. We have made real contacts with real clients and it has been a positive experience from start. We made a good connection with Saab at the very beginning,” Vinicius says.

Saab also sees great value in innovative collaborations at an international level, with engagement in Brazil stretching from academia, through SME and startup-type companies to large companies as well as MoD and Airforce operating the Gripen fighter.

“The collaboration with PixForce is a great opportunity to create additional value to the Gripen deal by engaging Brazilian startup industries to tackle technical challenges,” says Martin.

The status of the collaboration is still at the starting point, with the goal of PixForce visiting Saab and Sweden in the near future, presenting the latest results of the project.