Meet Jonas Lindahl, one of the newest members of the Science Park Family! Jonas is managing the project SKISS. Learn more about that and about Jonas here!

Hi Jonas, how does it feel to be part of Linköping Science Park?

It feels great to be a part of this organization that stimulates the development of our region’s amazing companies and organisations.

How did you find us?

I’ve followed Linköping Science Park for several years but it was first when I met our CEO Lena on a pitch-event at Lead that I saw the possibility to work here.

What are you spending your days on here in the park?

I’m investigating how our region can support companies’ digital development even further.

And what is your backstory, the short version?

I’ve been working with business and market development for about 15 years now. My roles have been different (CEO, Business developer, Product manager etc) but I’ve alway worked to grow businesses with a sustainability and economical focus. Parallel to the Science Park I’m also working on a startup for improving the quality of for elderly and their relatives.

You have now been here a few months, what do you think is the best thing about working here with us?

I love working in this field but I have to say that the best thing about working at Linköping Science Park is all the fun and dedicated coworkers.

Quick facts about Jonas:

Family: Wife and two kids (soon 14 and 16 years old)

Lives in: Ljungsbro

Likes to: Have a nice dinner on the terrass with good friends and look at the cows outside.

Is good at: Sword fighting, viking style

On my bucket list:  Visiting Indonesia