Hi Erica, how does it feel to be part of Linköping Science Park?

I’m so excited to be a part of this tech-community! There are many new exciting people to get to know and I really enjoy the open work space here.

How did you find us?

Community and employer branding manager Anna Broeders took me out for lunch and told me about Linköping Science Park. She had me at hello 😉

What will you spend your days doing here in the park?

I will be supporting our Finance Manager and Project managers regarding project administration and also make sure that our internal processes are running smoothly – such as providing new coworkers with the right equipment, managing HR- and business related documents and working with continuous improvements as we grow.

And what is your backstory, the short version?

Born and raised in Linköping, but since 2018 I’ve been living on the countryside outside of Kisa. I studied at Linköping university 2011-2014 and have been working in the recruiting industry in different roles for the past nine years. Before Linköping Science Park I worked as a recruitment consultant and administrator at Skill.

What are you most looking forward to working here with us?

First of all I’m looking forward to “get the hang of it” – to understand the connection and synergies between the Science Park and all its different stakeholders. I’m hoping I’ll be able to contribute with my knowledge and joy within the team!

Once again very welcome, we are happy to have you here!