Last week we got a new colleague, Joanna Sjölander who will be our new Cyberly community manager.

Hi Joanna how does it feel to be part of Linköping Science Park?

It is a very inspiring atmosphere and I feel privileged to become a part of it. Hoping I can contribute.

What will you spend your days on here in the park?

I’m looking forward to meeting smart people and expanding my horizons while sharing my experience with the team.

And what is your backstory, the short version?

My story is one of international business relations, strategic communicatios, and defense & security. MBA from LiU, a few hot years in the IT industry boom end of the 90s; long career selling the Gripen fighter aircraft for Saab worldwide, then runnning my own company along with engaging in politics and the armed forces.

What are your expectations for this spring?

I aim to consolidate and reinforce the power and knowledge of the companies in the cluster and with that, to strengthen the brand of the city and the region as well as the robustness of our society.

Once again very welcome, we are glad to have you here!