Envista and Stångåstaden have 2023 conducted a development project to gain a bigger understanding of the electricity usage in Stångåstaden’s properties. This collaboration stems from a further development of Envista’s analysis of energy consumption within the current property portfolio. Envista has been visualizing the electricity flow and the results have been used to improve the platform and its visualization.

The test has demonstrated that utilizing data from authorities and open data sources enables property owners to conduct more qualified analyses than what is currently being done. This could help property owners in advancing their sustainability efforts.

The next step involves conducting a more refined analysis of the properties’ power consumption.

Some examples of insights and results from the test:

  • Analyzing the energy performance of properties and identifying improvement opportunities requires examining heating, electricity, and, at times, cooling simultaneously.


  • Within the project, the visualization of electricity usage has been enhanced in Envistas’ digital platform. The platform also incorporates other critical factors such as heating usage, customer satisfaction, types of technical systems, and building age. This comprehensive understanding of property performance empowers property owners to direct their improvement efforts more precisely.


  • A central part of Stångåstaden’s energy strategy involves increasing investments in solar electricity production. Solar-generated electricity that offsets a property’s own electricity consumption is typically the most economically favorable aspect of electricity production. Therefore, it is crucial to identify properties with significant electricity consumption during the sunniest hours. In the project, a new key performance indicator, “Solar-weighted electricity usage”, has been defined and applied to all properties in Stångåstaden’s portfolio, thus identifying several potentially suitable locations for solar panel installations.


Teodor Hovenberg, CEO of Envista, says:

“The results of this work are now accessible for use in Stångåstaden’s management. The functionality developed in the project will also be made available to our other clients, offering significant potential benefits in multiple locations.”

The project results from using test bed vouchers, handed out by Linköping Climate Neutral, in collaboration with Viable Cities. Vouchers are handed out to companies who want to test their solutions within the green tech and use Linköping as a test bed. Read this texRead Envista’s final report about their test here (In Swedish)