By using their own developed AI and hydroelectric turbines, SeaPattern will support the transition in the energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems to renewable energy. With the use of test bed vouchers provided by the Linköping Climate Neutral project, they plan on testing their turbines in an existing hydroelectric power plant in Linköping. Niklas Boman, CEO at SeaPattern stopped by for a chat, telling us everything about it.


Hi Niklas! Tell us about SeaPattern’s solution. What technologies do you use?

SeaPattern AB is a Swedish company that has developed an AI and simulation-based technology that makes it possible to increase the amount of electricity that can be generated in an already installed hydroelectric power plant. This is achieved by installing one or more of SeaPattern’s own hydrokinetic turbines directly after an existing hydroelectric plant to access the energy available from the moving water that has already passed the traditional turbines.


What are you going to test and where?

We will verify and test all the software we have developed but also test a SeaPattern-developed Darrius Turbine in an already existing hydroelectric plant in Linköping. The test campaign, that will last for a few months, will demonstrate the technology and verify all the software tools we have developed. 


At what stage are you now?

We are just now finalizing the production and final assembly of this particular test turbine, which weigh approximately 250 kilos and is quite large. We are also finalizing all the logistics required to be able to transport and install the turbines in the water canal. Most of the infrastructure onsite is already in place but some work still remains before we can complete the installation of turbines in the water.


Why did you apply for testbed vouchers?

We work closely with many organizations in Linköping and within our community. Since our company has a product that supports the transition to renewable energy sources, we thought that this financial support would be a good fit. 


In your opinion, what is the greatest benefit of test bed vouchers?

Test campaigns are expensive and often unpredictable, especially for a capital-intensive company such as SeaPattern. Testbed vouchers help us to secure high quality and perform a successful test campaign. 


Last question: In what way does your solution contribute to making Linköping a more climate-friendlier city?

The electrification of our society requires electricity from renewable energy sources, SeaPattern’s solution supports that transition by capturing untapped energy in the canals downstream of the hydroelectric plant. In this way, we secure and contribute to the usage of green electricity in Linköping.