Sam Issa, CEO, Nano Textile Solutions.

Together with Linköping University, Johannes Skomakare och Nyckelservice, and local riding schools, Nano Textile Solutions will test how riding boots can be adjusted with adaptive textile technology. 

By using polymer threads with integrated memory and a conductive heath thread, smart textile components can be created to design and adjust the boots for the perfect size and fit. This feature enables adjustable boots suitable for diverse sizes and needs, reducing the need for multiple size variations, and leading for a more sustainable and circular chain.

Nano Textile Solutions has identified the global riding boot market and sees that this could be a potential first application for their solution. The technology will be integrated into the shaft and the goal is to test their application and validate together with the rider in a real environment. 

The ability to conduct the test is enabled by test bed vouchers, handed out by Linköping municipality and is a part of Linköping Climate Neutral and Viable Cities. Companies can apply for vouchers to test their solutions in Linköping in partnership with municipal companies or Linköping University, RISE, and Campushallen. The tests could be a great learning moment for companies to validate and test solutions and products to see what improvements need to be made and their performance of it. It’s also a way of strengthening and establishing relationships between the business life and the municipality.


Read more and apply for vouchers here