Michael Kullberg, UX/CX designer at DAZOQ. Foto: DAZOQ.

At the moment, DAZOQ is providing solutions for energy measurement on a machine level within the manufacturing industry. With test bed vouchers handed out by Linköping Climate Neutral, DAZOQ is on their way to establishing its service in the property market.

In partnership with Ebbepark and Stångåstaden, DAZOQ is planning an initial test to explore the impact of real-time energy measurement in properties and apartment complexes, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency for all relevant stakeholders. Real-time measurement is expected to empower property owners to create strategies to reduce power peaks while enabling tenants to continuously monitor and gain insights into their energy consumption.

These tests will be conducted in selected properties owned by Stångåstaden in Linköping.

“The test bed vouchers represent an exciting opportunity for us to engage with key stakeholders in the market and support the discovery of our solution’s potential in this new customer segment,” says Michael Kullberg, UX/CX designer at DAZOQ.

Identifying challenges and opportunities

The project recently underwent a data protection analysis to facilitate the recruitment of test participants. The mission is to identify challenges and possibilities associated with real-time property measurement. It’s important to recognize that property owners may have unique needs compared to those in the manufacturing industry, which could necessitate adjustments in data management and how visualization should be structured.

In the long term, DAZOQ’s service has the potential to significantly reduce energy thieves in properties and assist property owners in optimizing their energy consumption. By providing a continuously updated reference of energy consumption and correlating it with behavioral patterns and energy price variations, it will offer tenants direct recommendations for the best times to use energy-intensive equipment in their homes. This not only addresses the invisibility of energy consumption but also holds the promise of reducing both individual and collective energy consumption, thereby contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


DAZOQ found the opportunity to apply for vouchers through contacts with Linköping Science Park. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or apply right away!