Sensors designed to harness light for energy conservation have recently been successfully tested in Ebbepark’s co-working area Spektrum in Linköping. The project, led by Together Tech in collaboration with Sankt Kors, has been utilized by test bed vouchers for the Linköping Climate Neutral project.

By using data collected from sensors for temperature and indoor climate, property owners can get an opportunity to control their energy consumption in buildings. This information can be fed back to building climate control systems to monitor and optimize their power consumption. Together Tech has been testing sensor systems using light harvesting techniques for collecting indoor climate data.

“The installation process was seamless, revealing a clear trend in sensor performance, showcasing better functionality during brighter seasons when solar activity is at its peak. We noted challenges during the darker periods of the year, with the placement of sensors within the space emerging as a critical factor”, says Peter Warlich, Business Unit Manager Electronics & Software Development at Together Tech.

Gateways kan placeras på många ställen som gör de både osynliga och lätta att installera.

The solution of harvesting light and monitoring energy consumption is a relevant topic in today’s society, with a need to reduce the use of batteries and eliminate dangerous substances. A solution that could recharge itself like Together Tech’s sensors is in demand. A project evaluation is scheduled to continue gathering data and insights.

Together Tech participated in Ebbepark’s draknäste in 2022, where they got the opportunity to be funded by test bed vouchers for their tests in Spektrum. On March 15, 2024, the next round of the event will unfold but with a new name: Linköping’s draknäste (Linköping’s dragon’s den). Continue reading more here!

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