“Many of us have memories from badly ventilated rooms and spaces. We are convinced that there’s a need for smart solutions when it comes to ventilation,” says Erik Zetterqvist, Co-founder of Devair.

In a world where we are constantly looking for ways to improve our living conditions, one company is taking a bold step forward.

Devair works with ensuring and measuring that the airflow aligns with the indoor air quality set for each location or property, providing customers with a reliable ventilation function. Their technology serves a dual purpose, as it can be utilized to ensure proper ventilation during new construction installations, as well as for mandatory ventilation inspections required by law for all property owners.

With their own technology and tools, 3D-printed in their own workshop, Devair is taking the initiative to improve living spaces and make them healthier for everyone.

Approved test bed vouchers

In January, Devair was approved for test bed vouchers in Linköping. They have already performed their first test in test bed Ebbepark, with Stångåstaden as their partner. The learning process began with identifying that their wireless communication needs further development when monitored underground.

“The wireless technology we use is brand new and connects all sensors using mesh topology. It is quite revolutionary, but needs tweaking, “ Erik says.

Erik believes that one of the most significant values of test beds is that companies get to try their ideas in a real environment that they don’t have access to otherwise. It’s a big difference compared to when you test in your own lab with limited resources.

“Each test brings new discoveries and opportunities to improve our product,” he adds.

Gaining recognition from the market

This opportunity also opens up a unique network of connections with different municipal companies and stakeholders. It provides a chance for companies to secure funding for their work and gain recognition from the market, something that’s critical for smaller companies.

“You also have plenty of time when you test, which is not always the case when you work directly with customers. It’s a chance to network and showcase your product,” he adds.

The hope is that property managers, engineers working with ventilation and energy consultants will all benefit from Devair’s solution in the future. 

With a product that can save both time and money and  revolutionize the industry, Devair is now planning for future tests in order to develop and implement their product for a better environment and improved living conditions. Air regulation can be a complex field, but with the use of intelligent technologies and dedicated effort, it is possible to find solutions for all challenges.

Erik Zetterqvist, Devair.


Now you as a SME working with solutions within sustainability have the chance to apply for vouchers for test beds! With these vouchers you get the ability to try your solution in Linköping municipality. Your solution shall aim to reduce emissions of Co2 and make Linköping a smarter and greener municipality! This work is a part of Linköping Climate Neutral and Viable Cities.