Arvid Bläser and Peter Brauner, Co-founders of Signostium.

Have you ever heard of signs that automatically keep your name on the door updated and give you essential information on what’s going on in your apartment block? Signostium is now ready to test their energy-autonomous digital signs in residential multi-tenant houses in Linköping, giving a new way for residents to keep up with information about their housing environment. 

Signostium has developed a solution for energy-autonomous digital signs for residential multi-family buildings. The solution harnesses energy from indoor light, using solar cells to power the displays found on apartment doors and within stairwells. These displays not only provide important information about residents but also share valuable facility-related updates with residents of the building.

Pilot phase

After a successful incubation phase including a fully functional prototype, Signostium is now approaching the pilot phase and commercialization process.

“The first step is to perform a few pilots. One pilot will be running at Ebbepark in Linköping on two addresses including 40 apartments. The test will include displays on the apartment doors and signs at the stairwell entry,” says Magnus Larsson, Chairman and co-founder of Signostium.

All displays will be remotely updated and monitored by Signostium’s cloud-based publishing platform.

“We are grateful for getting some financial support through the test bed vouchers. It’s also valuable to team up and spread the news of our new solution,” Magnus continues.

Making Linköping a climate friendlier city

The signs are also developed with sustainability as a core design goal, aiming to harvest energy from indoor light and incorporate green technology like solar cells based on printed electronics.

“By being able to update information about residents in apartments remotely we will save the trip out to the actual building and decrease emissions from transportation,” Magnus says.

Ebbeparks draknäste

Signostium participated in last year’s Ebbeparks Draknäste (Ebbepark Dragon’s Den) where they got to pitch their idea to representatives from Lejonfastigheter, Sankt Kors fastighets AB, Stångåstaden, Tekniska Verken and RISE. On September 20th it’s time again! Make sure to apply before September 6th if you want a chance to pitch your idea!