Recently, Linköping Science Park held a mid-term mentor meet for all mentors participating in the Reversed Mentorship Program. 

During lunch, the mentors had an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and exchange stories about the challenges they’ve faced so far and lessons learned. For instance, some mentorship pairs may choose to do things differently than others, such as scheduling meetings outside or alternating meeting locations.

Other insights gained from the lunch included the importance of planning ahead when scheduling sessions with your mentee and the unexpected benefit of self-reflection for many of the mentors.

A participant stated, 

“My mentee raises questions that I’ve never considered before, which has made me reflect on my future and think about my goals. I didn’t anticipate this when I applied, as I thought the focus would be solely on me teaching the mentee.”

The mentors look forward to their future mentoring sessions and to learn more about themselves and their potential contributions to a larger organization. It will be fascinating to observe the progress they’ve made when meeting up again for the Final Mentor Meet in May.