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In this program we are matching people in leading positions in companies, with students. This differs from previous examples of reversed mentorship in the way that this program aims at creating intercultural connections between universities and companies. The mentor and the mentee meet and discuss subjects that are relevant, interesting and developing for both parties. This is a chance for both professional and personal development for both company leader and student. 

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Reversed Mentorship - The concept

Reversed mentorship is a concept that takes a twist on the traditional mentorship where more experienced people share their knowledge and support with a younger person. The key concept of reverse mentoring is exactly what it sounds like – reversed. The younger talent takes on the role as a mentor for the more senior person within an organization. The aim is to share experience and bring new perspectives and knowledge to decrease the gap between generations. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and share valuable experience between senior and junior people. 

The first known example of reversed mentorship comes from General Motors in 1990, where this type of mentoring was used to get senior people in leading positions to learn about the internet from younger people within the company. This seemed to work well and it was later shown to also have a positive impact on strategic and cultural aspects in the company. Today, the concept has developed towards focusing more on leadership, innovative thinking and organizational perspectives, and there are several successful programs to be found within large companies, such as Saab and Cambio in Linköping. The programs are described as an important tool for the management to improve within various areas, while they simultaneously get to share experience and knowledge that they have acquired. All this, on a neutral playing field where good ideas can be shared informally. 


The application for next Reversed Mentorship Program 2022/2023 is now closed.

A new perspective is always welcome, right?

We believe that no matter how many years you have worked, you are always in need of developing and learning new things. Being a part of the Reversed Mentorship Program helps you challenge your thought patterns and think in different directions. As a student, you learn how to mentor someone who has worked longer than you and to teach somebody else within your specialized area.

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"It's important to keep an open mind and perspective"

Being a mentor for someone who’s worked longer than you and having another perspective than you can be a bit intimidating, which Joan agrees upon. However, she enhances the importance of creating an atmosphere where you make sure both the mentor and the mentee are on the same level and that you set the expectations for one another before the project kicks off. Joan also points out that it is essential to keep an open mind and perspective about things when meeting new people due to different backgrounds and culture.

Read the full article about Joan Chebet’s experience of mentoring Johan Gunnarsson, CTO at Combitech!

Brilliant Mentors of the Future, handbook for reversed mentorship

Our Manual for Reversed Mentorship

This handbook will help you form your mentorship to a positive and developing experience for both mentor and mentee. The book contains:

  • Role descriptions
  • How to set rules and guidelines for your mentorship
  • Discussion guide to help you plan your meetings and conversations

Download the book here!

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