Connected cars, printed electronics, cybersecurity, positioning technology, and AI-controlled matchmaking with international talent. The program from Linköping Science Park at East Sweden Innovation week is massive. Participate in digital study visits, listen to seminars, and get to know some of the most exciting companies in the region. Innovation, development, and the technical solutions of the future are at the center.

Nov 2. 14: 00-15: 30
Printed Electronics for IoT- Digital study visit with IoT World at Printed Electronics Arena.
A guided digital tour at Printed Electronics Arena. Equipment and applications, presentations of ongoing development, and research projects. Among other things, printed labels with sensors for detecting drugs, piezoelectric sensors for horseshoes, and energy harvesting and storage.

Nov 3. 12: 00-13: 00
Massive-scale data from connected cars with the power of changing industries.
Tech Tuesday with Nira Dynamics. The day has finally come – our road sensing algorithm is being shipped with series produced vehicles. William Jonsson from NIRA will guide you through a wide variety of use cases in which large-scale anonymized data can challenge how things are done in traditional industries and help improve everyone’s safety on the roads.

Nov 3. 18: 00-19: 30
How Linköping became a leader in Cyber ​​Security.
Together with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), Secure Link and Sectra. Hear Professor Robert Forchheimer, in his own words about how Linköping University contributed to the development of cybersecurity and the creation of Sectra.

Nov 4. 9: 00-11: 00
Bluetooth and Positioning – two seminars with Ericsson and IoT World.
“Preservation of billions of objects collected in museum, library and archive storages” (in Swedish) with Thomas Rimhagen, Senior Researcher Bluetooth and “Positioning – A key building block in IoT applications” (in English) with Sara Modarres Razavi, Senior Research Positioning

Nov 6. 13: 00-16: 00
East Sweden Venture Arena & International Talent Match Making
An AI-controlled matchmaking between international talent and Swedish companies. Conducted by the incubator LEAD and Linköping Science Park for the first time. Is this what future recruitment will look like?

Nov 6
East Sweden Innovation Day
Lena Miranda, CEO of Linköping Science Park, shares experiences from the open innovation process IndX. Four large global companies in the region, Saab, Väderstad, Siemens Energy, and Toyota, have jointly opened up for a process in which startups develop their technology together with employees from Toyota, Siemens, Saab and Väderstad. Among the 70 applicants’ startups, ten have been selected to proceed. At East Sweden Innovation Day, we reveal what ideas they have generated.

East Sweden Innovation Week is a week full of inspiration, professional development and networking. Meet some of the leading innovation companies in Östergötland. Get inspiration from leading entrepreneurs. East Sweden Innovation Weeks aim is to strengthen the innovation climate in Östergötland.