UPDATE: It is now possible to test in whole Linköping municipality.

What are test bed vouchers? And who is it for? We have talked to Sandra Viktor, the project manager of Linköping Climate Neutral. 

– As an SME within the climate and energy sector you can apply for vouchers for using  test beds in Ebbepark and Vallastaden, says Sandra.

There’s a total of ten vouchers that can be handed out two times to the same company. The goal is to contribute on the journey of making Linköping a climate neutral city and is a part of Viable Cities. In addition, companies will get the opportunity to use test beds in Ebbepark and Vallastaden where they can test their solutions in both a physical or virtual environment. Ebbepark works as a broad test bed network, whereas Vallastaden works as a unique district in Linköping focusing on social and ecological sustainability. 

– The proposed solution could be everything from technical services and products aiming to reduce the use of energy or reduce green house gas emissions, to social innovations  leading to increased awareness and well-being. Something that contributes to a more climate friendly behavior and in the long run social transformation.

To apply and be approved , companies need to secure partnership with either municipal companies or Linköping University, Rise or Campushallen. 

Sandra viktor

Sandra Viktor

Previous cases

Previous cases that have been tested Ebbepark is the HVO gas station which aims to reduce the reduce green house gas emissions. The project is a collaboration between Energifabriken, Ebbepark and Logistika and has turned out to be a successful project, resulting in an affiliate company called Fill’nGo

Sandra highlights the importance of testing and learning no matter the outcome. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you think – and that’s part of the testing process. One example is the space showers in Campushallen. The goal of this project was to save and clean water and re-use it by a filter system. However, this turned out to not fit this type of organization.

– The test beds are for testing. You get to test your idea, see what works, and continue developing your idea to make it even better. It could turn out that it better suits another environment which opens up for other customers and opportunities, Sandra says.

About Viable Cities and Linköping Climate Neutral

Viable cities is a strategic innovation program with support from Energimyndigheten, Vinnova and Formas, aiming to create climate-neutral  by 2030. Linköping is one of 23 Swedish cities working towards this goal. By signing the Climate Contract, Linköping has agreed to reduce the reduce green house gas emissions, facilitate innovation and make the citizens contribute to the change. 

As a part of the project Linköping Climate Neutral 2030 your company has the chance to get funding for your solution or product within the sustainability area by applying for test bed vouchers.

Pssst! Make sure you’ve checked out the climate goals of Linköping before applying!

Read more about how to apply here