SICK and several other companies in Östergötland showed their commitment to gender equality by inspiring young girls to explore technology and engineering. Among the participants at SICK were girls from Nya Munken middle school in Linköping.

IGE-Day is an important event to increase diversity in the tech industry and encourage young girls and non-binary individuals to explore career opportunities. By showcasing their workplace and technology and letting participants try it out themselves, companies like SICK hope to inspire more young girls and non-binary individuals to pursue a career in technology.

During the event, participants had the chance to meet female engineers and learn more about their work, participate in workshops, and try out the technology. By opening their workplaces and showing what they do, companies want to demonstrate that the tech industry is an exciting and creative workplace with great opportunities.

SICK in Linköping develops software for smart industrial cameras, and the visitors in Linköping saw examples of how advanced camera solutions can be used to automate factory- and logistic processes.

Charlotte Axelsson, HR Manager at SICK, said, “We want to showcase what we do at SICK and give an idea of what an engineer can work with. In addition, we hope that participants will understand what the profession entails and feel that it is an exciting and creative industry with opportunities for personal development and making a difference in society.”

In addition to giving participants an idea of what an engineer can work with, SICK is committed to promoting gender equality in the tech industry. By supporting initiatives like IGE-Day and other programs targeting girls and non-binary individuals, the company wants to contribute to a more inclusive workplace and industry.

SICK’s commitment has also been reflected in its efforts to increase employee diversity. For example, the company has set goals to increase the number of female engineers in the company and actively works on recruitment and training to achieve these goals.
By opening up its doors to young girls and non-binary individuals during IGE-Day, and by working towards a more inclusive workplace and industry, SICK shows that they take its responsibility to promote gender equality and diversity seriously.