Four eight weeks we have had the privilege to receive help from our amazing communications intern Viktoria Strömgren. Let’s have a chat with her about what she has done here and what she has learned.

Hi Viktoria! How come you wanted to be an intern here at Linköping Science Park?

– I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to try different things like writing, video editing, social media etc. Also Linköping Science Park does a lot of cool stuff, not just within the communication and media area, but in tech. A lot of smart initiatives come from here and I wanted to explore that a bit. 

How scary was your first day?

– We had a workshop on my first day and I was super nervous. I didn’t understand the things we were talking about but I tried to keep up, but I think I got lost somewhere in the middle of all the tech and organizational talking. However it was a great start for me to get involved, I learned a lot that I’ve been carrying with me during my internship. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your education?

– I study Graphic Design and Communication at LiU. It is a very broad education with three different focus areas: management, design and production. I have chosen management which involves classes in project management, marketing and economics. It is very design focused though and I’ve learned a lot in that department. I feel like I have gotten a broad knowledge on a lot of subjects.  

What have you learnt during these weeks?

– So much! I’ve learned how to film, I’ve learned a lot of new tools, I’ve gotten better at writing articles but most important I’ve learned how communication works in “the real world” and not just on paper. You can’t spend 10 hours going over a layout, because there’s just no time. You have to prioritize what is important. 

And what have you taught us?

– I’ve tried to organize the photos that we use and also come up with some type of organization on how to structure social media posts for example. Having an organized folder with all the tools for social media, makes the work more efficient but also easier. 

Why do you want to work within communication?

– I want to work in a creative and dynamic environment. I also like to be a bit strategic and be able to see the impact communication can bring to an organization. Most of all, I get excited when I see for example posters or a campaign with a creative message and layout and I think to myself “that’s what I want to do in the future”. 

We loved having you here, thank you for all your work!

Have a look at some of Viktorias work here: