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The Green Travel Plan Mjärdevi, is a site-specific report containing a package of measures tailored to the transport needs of the development aimed at increasing travel choices and reducing reliance on the private car.

With this initiative supported by the property owners and employers in the park executed by the municipality,  we take action to reduce our climate impact and adjust to a low CO₂ future. The initiative is part of the municipality of Linkoping’s ambitious goal of reaching carbon dioxide neutrality by the year 2025. One-third of CO2 emissions are from traffic. To achieve CO₂neutrality, we need the involvement of the local business community. Therefore, the municipality of Linkoping funded the development of a green travel plan for Science Park Mjärdevi in 2017. An travel survey was distributed and a action plan was developed in collaboration of  property owners, employers and other stakeholders within the park.

The main objectives of a Travel Plan are as follows:

  • Achieve the minimum number of additional single occupancy car traffic movements to and from the development;
  • Reduce the need for travel to and from the site by single occupancy car;
  • Address the access needs of site users, by supporting walking, cycling and public transport;
  • Provide adequately for those with mobility difficulties;
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable, vibrant communities;
  • Encourage good urban design principles that open up the permeability of the site to walking and cycling, linked to the design and access statements;
  • Address specific problems identified in the site’s Transport Assessment – for example, a local road safety problem that affects walking or cycling links to a bus or rail station;
  • Encourage access solutions that are not dependant on ‘hard’ measures;
  • Compliment the wider local approach to demand management and behavioural change;
  • Reducing pressure on highway capacity, particularly at peak times;
  • Creating more attractive and liveable neighbourhoods;
  • Cutting carbon emissions and their contribution to climate change;
  • Reducing road danger and protecting vulnerable road users;
  • Reducing the cost of works on the highway or other transport infrastructure;
  • Encouraging more active travel with gains for health;
  • Enabling children to travel independently;
  • Improving local air quality;
  • Reducing noise pollution;
  • Reducing parking/fleet management costs; and
  • Improving staff morale.

Guidelines for sustainability in the Science park

In February 2019 the Board of Science Park Mjärdevi took a unanimous decision to support future guidelines for sustainability in the Science Park organization.The purpose is to provide internal guidance and external inspiration on how sustainability work can be conducted.

We are about to translate the guidelines and checklist to English.

It all begins with what we as individuals and organisations can do, and It is our firm belief that the innovation environments in Sweden, the Science Parks in our cities could be arenas for accelerating the transformation into a more sustainable society. We and our community – the companies of Mjärdevi are continuously working to accept the challenges of tomorrow and embrace new ways of thinking. This guidline will now help us integrate sustainability / global goals into the entire company’s strategy and activities. We have chosen four of the global goals to specially focus on this year. Connecting these to our context not only provides affinity but gives the sustainability effort extra clarity.

Yes, we are still learning and we are a small company but we are in the middle of one of Sweden’s hottest innovation environments – 400 companies with over 7000 employees. If we include all external projects and cluster contexts we are a part of both national and international we really think- togheter we could make a change!


  • Highlight good initiatives and present sustainable and smart alternatives
  • Events and meet up to inspire and to build knowledge
  • Codes of cpractices- regarding climate and equality
  • We will be the common platform, the navigators and those who weave together initiatives and people and get more innovations to happen.
  • We will focus on seeking/running projects that solve society’s challenges and promotes sustainable development.
  • Read the Mjärdevi Climate code of conduct

Related Projects

Compensate your carbon footprints

In march 2019 we launch a green-nudge campaign in cooperation with Nudgely,  GoClimateNeutral and LinPark. The aim is to make people in Mjärdevi more aware of their commuting-habits. We make it seen that more and more people commute by bike and bus and for those who can´t or won´t- we make it possible to compensate for (some of) the carbon footprints in the LinPark-app.

Other projects

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Public transportation


Ride sharing

Skjutsgruppen Science Park Mjärdevi

EV charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations

Act and stay informed

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