Prodelox is one of the important members of the innovative hub, IoT World. They are a product development agency with the vision to offer creative solutions to the problems in the world. Prodelox works actively with sustainability and circular design, their focus lies on on increasing the utilization rate of materials and increasing the live span of products. We have met Robert Armerö, CEO and Nicklas Haraldsson, project manager, who shares their insights into IoT World and the future challenges of the industry.

– At Prodelox we talk about realizing ideas, we build a lot of prototypes and work with development by testing and evaluating. We move through the entire chain, from ideas, concepts and prototypes all the way to production-ready products, says Robert.

Robert Armerö, CEO of Prodelox

One of the major challenges in the industry, Robert and Nicklas believe, is that products are becoming more and more complex.

– New products increasingly require multidisciplinary working methods. For example, at a basic level electronics and mechanics must work together, the product’s design and communication must interact with the surrounding environment, and then there are aspects such as intangible assets, sustainability and environmental impact, says Nicklas.

Developing new products is about finding the right way early in the process. Making major changes at the end of the development work can be expensive, so it is important to get on the right track as early as possible in the development phase.

– In cases where development projects require expertise that is not available in our company, we make sure to work together with one of our competent partner companies, we strive to be able to offer solutions within the entire field of development of new products, says Robert.

…it is a forum where “we do good things together”, quite simply.

In IoT World, there are several actors and specialist areas that complement each other. IoT World opens up for collaborations and development of solutions in a very creative environment and with highly competent developers. It is also a platform where Prodelox can communicate the importance of circular design and as Robert himself puts it, it is a forum where “we do good things together”, quite simply.

Prodelox believes that they can contribute with product development on the physical products that are often found within IoT.

– Our business is not primarily about software development and applications, but very often an enclosure or a sensor unit is needed before it is possible to make real value of the opportunities that come with various IoT solutions. This is where Prodelox comes into the picture, we work with the physical parts, things that can be touched and held, says Robert.

Earlier projects
Fluid Balance Monitoring in healthcare in the East Sweden Region is one of the projects within IoT World in which Prodelox participates. Within the initiative, a first workshop was conducted in January 2021. The aim was to find solutions to reliably measure ingested fluid and nutrition in patients. Prodelox participated in the workshop together with other IoT World companies, as well as healthcare professionals who could share their insights.

– What we like about IoT World is that the projects are based on actual problems and challenges that really needs solutions. Within this project there is also a great societal benefit since it can lead to more available hospital beds and faster recovery for patients, says Robert.

Nicklas further explains that part of the sustainability aspect is visualized within this project.

– We need to create the right tools and ensure that are useful. We do not want to throw out ill-considered gadgets that risks taking up large resources and being used for a limited time.

How do you feel that IoT World can help you in the sustainability issue?

– It is a platform where we are constantly introduced to interesting issues that can benefit the society. That part is a tool for us to strengthen our sustainability work, says Nicklas.

Regarding future plans, Prodelox shares that circular design principles continue to be in their focus. Robert believes that it is important that more product owners start thinking more about services and less about products. He believes a holistic perspective within sustainability is a must to find solutions for service, repair and remanufacturing while still in the development work.

– Circular design is definitely an area of ​​the future, increasing the utilization rate of materials and increasing the life of products is the only way forward, says Robert.