Internet of Things Becomes Available to All


Indentive is a company located in Science Park Mjärdevi that wants to improve and simplify our everyday life in a smarter way by making the Internet of Things (IoT) available to all. The company has developed a product by the name Connective which opens up for new possibilities for services within areas such as care and nursing, smart homes, smart cities, as well as sustainability. Connective is an IoT platform that gathers online devices and allows them to “talk” to each other, and has already created a strong interest among Swedish actors. Indentive is already planning for an international expansion. As of right now, Indentive is carrying out a new issue to make the neccessary investments needed in order for Connective to reach its full potential. The subscription period will last October 6th through the 20th.


Indentive was founded in 2011 and is considered a development corporation with intensive competence and experience within the areas IoT (Internet of Things), IP-TV, development of apps, and advanced cloud solutions. Internet of Things and digital IoT infrastructure is the core competence of the company, and an area with great growth potential on a global market. The IoT-market is growing at the speed of light and the technology has already started to change our everyday life. Digitalization is what laid the basis for the fast development that has increased the demands of both time- and resource potentiation. In 2020, we are expected to have more than 50 billion connected devices across the world.


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