As part of Linköping Science Parks initiative to establish a regional Cyber Security Center in Linköping, a community on the subject is starting to take form. The goal is to strengthen Linköpings’ position within cyber security even further.

The Community will contribute to create a more robust and resilient society. It will also strengthen knowledge and awareness of Cyber Security to contribute to sustainable growth, research and innovation.

On April 29 a kick-off was held at Sectra headquarters in Mjärdevi, gathering around 30 business leaders in the sector to discuss how the Community can be governed and how it should work. The workshop was held under the supervision of Daniel Kullgard from Linköping Science Park and the competence and commitment in the room was high! With great enthusiasm the group discussed everything from talent attraction to how to position Linköping within Cyber Security. 

“We want people to move to Linköping because of this,” said Conny Ljungqvist, CEO of Link 22.

Business and innovation manager Daniel Kullgard wants to emphasize that the community members will have a strong impact on how the Community should operate. One of the Community’s goals is to grow, therefore, more companies will be taken in gradually. “Everyone interested in participating is welcome to get in touch”, says Daniel Kullgard.

The newly hired cluster manager Magnus Lundqvist will join Linköping Science Park in May and start his work with planning community activities that will begin after the summer.

Moved to Linköping to work with cyber security

Fredrik LandbergOne of the meeting participants, Fredrik Landberg, CEO of Sylog Öst, has a solid experience within security in the IT industry. In fact, he actually moved to Linköping in 2002 to study the IT program at Linköping University which focused on digital security. The choice was no coincidence; Fredrik knew that the city was at the forefront of cyber security.

Since then, he has worked for the Swedish Armed Forces, with helicopter management systems and later as a consultant in aviation and defense systems. In 2015, he received a request from Sylog if he wanted to start up their Linköping branch.

It is clear that Fredrik is passionate about cyber security and has both the knowledge and the interest to be involved in building this new community for cyber security. He believes that Sweden in general and Linköping in particular should be better at building a secure society for all of us. 

The project is funded by the Region Östergötland, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Tillväxtverket and REACT.

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