The application period for IndX2021 is over and the partners have chosen their final ten that will get to pitch on October 4th!

Inger Stern
Inger Stern, Project Manager for IndX.

IndX2021 is a unique collaboration between four of the largest global industrial companies in East Sweden. Saab, Siemens Energy, Toyota Material Handling, and Väderstad partner with Linköping Science Park in the search for new innovative ideas and startups within emerging technologies.

– We had almost 60 applications this year, which me and the partners are very pleased with. We had a special aim this year to go international and therefore we are especially happy that 24 of the applications came from outside of Sweden, from 14 different countries, says Project Manager Inger Stern.

The chosen startups are:


AtomBeam Technologies Inc.


Renbloc- Verified Renewables



KeenCorp BV

Rebase Energy

Ferritico AB


What happens next?

OCTOBER 4th – Pitch Day
The chosen startups gather with the innovation managers of the partners and employees of the partner companies. Each pitch is followed by a 10 minute Q&A. All ideas will be collected in a digital idea tool.

OCTOBER – Collecting Ideas
Startups and employees of the Partner companies gather their ideas in a digital tool. The Partner companies select 10 ideas, one per startup.

OCTOBER 27th – POC Day
During the day participating startups work together with employees of the partner companies to develop the chosen ideas. The purpose of the event is to go from idea to conceptualization, including timeframe and budget,  in order to receive funding for a POC. This day end with all groups pitching their ideas to the others.

Four final ideas are chosen to be realized.