Stefan Holmlid, professor of design at Linköping University, research focus is on the meeting between design and service. Stefan has researched IoT World during it’s startup period.

His report describes some aspects of what can be learned from the creation of an IoT Community in Östergötland.

“In summary, the investment in IoT World, along with others initiative, helped to create a platform that is currently moving in the meeting between technology development and application. The way there went through the creation of an arena where 1) public organizations, with a logistics system, had access to resources to do minor experiments with IoT, and 2) technology-savvy companies were given the opportunity to conduct experiments with organizations that saw opportunities in IoT for their logistics system, with the support of 3) a partially design-driven process as a common base and complement to internal business or technology development processes. On that In this way, the hub has helped to open up the organizations’ innovations and development processes towards each other.”

Download the report by Stefan Holmlid here!