Cleantech Östergötland, Science Park Mjärdevi, Norrköping Science Park and LEAD invited environmental Engineering companies based in Östergötland to Ebbepark to meet Energimyndigheten.

Energimyndigheten informed the participators about upcoming announcements and their international promotionprogram for companies who want to establish in other countries. ( India, China, Germany, Indonesia, USA and Great Britain.)

The visit by Energimyndigheten is a part of the ambition that announcements has switched up their work by taking help and cooperate with innovation enviroments in Sweden. With the purpose to increase business development, commercialization and the market for appropriate innovations with relevant energy.

The Cooperation are going to give better conditions and give a insight in what’s happening in the region, also which possibilites and collaboration for comercialization of innovations connected to the conversion of the energysystem.

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