This year, Väderstad is looking for innovative technologies that could be implemented in their organization. Sensor technologies and intelligent systems are of particular interest on their wishlist for IndX 2023.  


In order to support autonomous agriculture, Väderstad’s machines need intelligent technologies to identify and predict component failures. They are looking for solutions that can predict these issues through predictive maintenance and data-driven diagnostics. Machine learning models will be utilized to analyze data and identify any potential failures, while model-based diagnostics will be used to detect any unusual behavior in the machines.


When it comes to perception, Väderstad value object identification, monitoring results, and machine field performance. Today, machines are operated by tractor drivers. In the future, machines will be operated by autonomous drivers.

“This means that the machine needs to control and optimize the performance, based on sensor technology and intelligent systems,” says Joakim Freyschuss, R&D Business Developer at Väderstad says.  

However, one does not exclude the other – Väderstad is interested in finding new smart sensors that can be used in combination with others (sensor fusion) to be implemented in their organization.

Joakim Freyschuss Väderstad

Joakim Freyschuss, Väderstad


What’s IndX and how can I participate?

IndX is a unique collaboration between four of the largest global industrial companies in East Sweden. Saab, Husqvarna Group, Toyota Material Handling, and Väderstad partner with Linköping Science Park in the search for new innovative ideas and startups within emerging technologies. During the year, four pitch days are arranged to find the best innovative solutions from startups within sustainability, connectivity and autonomy.

The upcoming pitch day is on the 31 of March, make sure to apply today.