Ellen Sörnäs, Coach at Code Summer Camp.

Code Summer Camp is currently taking place at Linköping University, providing young people aged 7-17 with an exciting opportunity to learn programming and coding. Among the coaches this year is Ellen, sharing her thoughts on how Code Summer Camp can work as a door opener to programming for kids.

Ellen has a degree in graphic design and communication and is now in her second year taking a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. This is Ellen’s first time coaching at the camp, where her role involves guiding and encouraging the kids in their programming. 

The focus so far has been on graphics projects, block programming, and building their own websites. Ellen finds this aspect particularly enjoyable because it allows the kids to unleash their creativity. She shares, 

“I’ve seen everything from Rick Astley to gaming websites.”

Ellen describes the camp as a place where kids have the freedom to pursue their interests without any strict requirements. 

“The kids get to do what they want most of the time, there are no ‘must do’s’. It’s more fun and games, and I’m their support if they’re stuck,” she says.

Sparking an interest in programming for girls

The camp aims to spark interest in programming and technology, especially among girls. Ellen believes that the camp can help bridge the gender gap in technology. Everyone needs to be on board. 

 “This is a great way to open up your eyes to programming. There’s still a specific stereotype you think of when you think of engineering, and the camp helps to eliminate that and broaden the palette,” she continues.

Her own passion for programming was ignited during her studies in graphic design and communication. She admits that prior to that, she had no experience or real interest in it. Reflecting on her journey, she emphasizes the importance of role models, especially for girls, 

“I would’ve wished for more role models to look up to, It makes you feel that you have the same chance to do this as boys. If I would’ve had the opportunity as a kid to participate in the camp, I’d definitely do that.”

Companies from Linköping are also present at the camp to not only showcase the possibilities and applications of programming but also to provide assistance, demonstrating what is achievable and preparing future talent for a career in the tech industry.

Highlighting the benefits of attending next year’s Code Summer Camp, Ellen emphasizes three main reasons

  • Learning programming 
  • Making new friends 
  • Embracing creativity without the fear of right or wrong answers


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