Code Summer Camp, based in Linköping, lasts for three weeks with the opportunity to participate physically and digitally so that everyone can participate. “That more people discover technology, become interested in and gain knowledge about programming is a matter for everyone, and for everyone to have the opportunity to participate, we start with a digital week with physical hubs where we lend computers and offer a place to be .”, says Jonna Castell, Code Summer Camp project manager.

Code Summer Camp is being organized for the ninth year in a row. An initiative that every year attracts hundreds of children and young people to learn more about technology and programming. The Camp Started as an initiative from Linköping Science Park and is run today by the company Skill in partnership with Linköping Science Park.

The Camp is run with the help of coaches who study at Linköping University. During the Camp, participants get to try different programming languages Python, HTML, CSS and javascript are also part of the content. In addition to learning more about technology and programming during the week, participants will also get to meet interesting lecturers, experience technology in different ways, solve problems, be creative and meet companies.

– We want to show what different types of future jobs exist. That everyone should be given the same conditions and insights into what future professional opportunities exist is essential, says Jonna Castell.

– The interest is great and has grown every year. This year, close to 300 young people are participating, mainly from Östergötland but also from other parts of Sweden, says Jonna Castell, Code Summer Camp project manager.

The Camp is based in Linköping, where two out of three weeks are held at the university. The third week is carried out digitally, and for everyone to have the opportunity to participate, the organizer has chosen to organize “hubs” in a few cities where you can join from and borrow a computer. Norrköping and Jönköping are two of the cities.

– Code Summer Camp must be inclusive, where everyone is given the opportunity and prerequisite to participate, says Jonna.

Facts Code Summer Camp

  • Organizer: Skill and Linköping Science Park
  • Participants/Age groups: Children and young people aged 7-17 years
  • Number of physical and digital locations: 300
  • Number of years it has been running: 9

Read more about Code Summer Camp at, and see our video from an earlier year below.