It’s time to publish your master thesis projects for 2023 at MyAI!

In order to be available and prepared when meeting students at different thesis and career fairs during this fall, we recommend you to upload your thesis projects no later than October 1st.

Publishing your thesis projects at MyAI creates a natural entry point for students interested in master thesis projects within AI. 

This is how you publish your thesis project at MyAI:

  1. Thesis projects are published on MyAI under the menu “Resources”-”Master thesis” (
  2. Click “Create resource” located in the upper corner to the right.
  3. Please name your post with a title that describes your master thesis, and use the attributes to increase connection with the right students
  4. A tip is to publish your post as a “Page or content” resource so that an introduction to the thesis and your company can be given together with a link for further information. Also, by adding an image you enhance the visibility for your specific company/thesis.