New Talent Report puts light on trends, behaviors, and attitudes that affect the region’s talent attraction

The lack of talent is one of the main growth threats for companies located in the innovative environments of the East Sweden region.

Therefore, the region’s innovation environments, supported by Region Östergötland, have joined forces to work out a talent-hunting guide. The purpose is to identify trends around the world that affect our ability to attract talents. The report clarifies our target groups and their behaviors as well as establish a strategic basis for activities that increase the influx of talent to the region’s innovation environments. Behind the report stands Science Park Mjärdevi, Norrköping Science Park, East Sweden Game, Vreta Kluster, and Visual Sweden.

This Talent report is a tool with the aim is to attract skills to companies found in the innovative environments of the East Sweden region. It describes the priority target groups and what is good to think about when marketing efforts are going to be done.

Read the full report here