Sweden International Talent Matchmaking

30 March, 13:00-17:00


This is a national activity that aims to invite international students and companies from all over Sweden to participate in Sweden International Talent Matchmaking, and find the perfect talent match!

Based on specific skills and competencies, international students and companies will be matched and may have a short meet and greet if the results are successful and accepted by the participants. Explore a new way to meet qualified talent and have a nice chat!

How can you apply?
Find here the registration for companies and talents:

Registration for companies

Registration for talents


The matchmaking tool
Cruitive provides the matching tool that matches companies and talents based on specific competencies to create the best match for all. Here you can find more information about how the matchmaking tool works.

Here you can find more about Cruitive.


Talents with the highest score
The talents who score the highest on the matchmaking tool, based on business needs and talent competencies, will be invited for a meet and greet.

What happens next?

  • After registering, all companies can create the talent profiles that they are looking for. Various positions and fields of study can be created with specific skills.
  • All international students can register by selecting specific skills and motivation factors in the matchmaking tool, (it is possible to upload a CV as well).

When and where can you meet international talents?
March 30 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. via Zoom.

What is the last day to register?
Companies can register until march 20.
We recommend creating talent profiles as soon as you sign up to start matching students.

Do you need more time to participate and analyze the profiles? Don’t worry!
You can access the tool and evaluate all the matched profiles and CVs during the month of April.

If you need help setting up the meeting with the talents we can help you out. Otherwise, feel free to schedule a meeting independently.

Students can register until march 24.

When are the matches going to be run?
All company talent profiles and student profiles will be matched from the time they register until March 25.
We will consider extra cases that may have exceptions.

When is the deadline for companies to approve matches?
To participate in the activity, all companies must approve the student matches before March 28. Students will then receive a notification about your interest in meeting them.

When is the deadline for students to pass matches?
All students should have approved and selected a booking time to meet with companies by March 29.

Have additional questions?
We will organize a Q&A session for companies on March 14.
Another question and answer session will be held for students with additional questions on March 17.

Please register now to participate!