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Cheat sheet: Swedish cultural codes and diversity at the workplace

  • 28 February, 17:00-19:00
  • Softube, Sankt Larsgatan 9D, 582 24 Linköping
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Welcome to an evening where we delve deeper into the cultural codes of Sweden and explore the experience of starting a career at a Swedish company as a woman. You’ll learn how different cultures can work together and how we can enhance diversity in the workplace. 

East Sweden Tech Women together with Switch to Sweden, Softube and InterTalents in Sweden wants to shine a light on the cultural codes in Sweden. We want to highlight how both international talent and professionals from Sweden can bridge differences, forming robust, diverse teams that strengthen the fabric of the entire organization. Learn the power of coffee breaks and the cherished “fika” tradition within the workplace, while also considering how organizations can adapt to embrace new cultural influences.


For whom is this event?

This event is for those working in the tech industry, maybe you are a CEO or Project Manager at a Swedish company, or you are an international professional looking for a job in Sweden. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet and network with other women who are in the same situation as you!

Students are also welcome to participate!

  • This event will be in English.
  • Something nice to eat will be arranged!



  • 17:00 — 17:15


    Julia Bergman, from East Sweden Tech Women and Hela Galvis from Switch to Sweden.

  • 17:15

    Lorna McGeown


  • 17:45

    Amanda Herzog

    InterTalents in Sweden

  • 18:15


  • 18:30

    Fika and group discussions

  • 18:50

    Wrap up


Lorna McGeown

Director of Human Resources at Softube AB

Amanda Herzog

Founder of Intertalents in Sweden.