From the left: Robin Eriksson (IndX), Axel Skyttner (T&S Engineering Intelligence), Jan Abrahamsson (Swedish Scaleups), Isabelle Hachette (Interspectral) and Tabea Schroth at Mimsi.

Last week, one of the largest startup and tech events was annually held in Helsinki: Slush. IndX’s Robin Eriksson wasn’t late to book his tickets to visit the tech arena and devour in all the latest trends and news from the startup world! Read more about his key takeaways.


Robin’s reflections and takeaways from Slush:

Thanks Slush 2023! A truly great and inspiring event.

Even though Slush is a founder-investor-focused event, I saw a lot of focus on startup-corporation collaboration, highlighting the need for platforms such as IndX. Collaboration is not only crucial for businesses but also to attract investors, by showing legitimacy.

It was great being together with the Swedish ecosystem with its presence from different actors all over, and I look forward to following up on the connections created and strengthened, because what happens at Slush doesn’t stay at Slush – meaning that further discussions will unfold! It was great hanging out with Linköping actors from Swedish Scaleups, Mimsi, Interspectral, and T&S Engineering Intelligence, to mention a few. 

Artificial intelligence, sustainability but also commercialization, were focused on in many panel discussions and speeches given, showcasing the need to implement the developments. It was emphasized to not only build something great but also find the right market fit and develop with partners.

I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many highly promising startups recently, and I’m excited to share that we are currently in the planning stages for our upcoming IndX days in 2024. The first day is scheduled for March 1st, and we will be unveiling more details shortly. Meanwhile, you can always apply to get reviewed –> to application.

Hope to see you next year!

Robin together with Axel Skyttner, co-founder of T&S Engineering Intelligence and former participant in IndX.


What’s Slush?

  • Slush facilitates meetings between the founders of startups and investors such as venture capitalists, accomplished with events such as matchmaking and pitching competitions. Read more.